Thief conducts Complicated casino scam, and Eventually gets Broken

When there were yearly awards for offenders, John Christopher Colletti would acquire in the very inventive disguise category. For at least a year, he also was able to conceal his identity and tear off many titles in Michigan, finally getting off with more than 100,000. He pulled his capers by copying the individuality of a politician, going so far as to utilize prosthetic facial masks to prevent getting captured. On the other hand, the law eventually caught up with him and his times of dress-up and thievery come to a finish.

Based on The Detroit News, the 55-year old started his escapades in May of the this past year. Colletti had concocted a strategy that included the order of stolen identities and also utilizing the information to make bogus driver’s licenses. From that point, he managed to steal the identities of casino clients who belonged to a MGM Grand Detroit VIP software which, as a benefit, provided cash advances at kiosks located in the gaming places. Considering that the kiosks are below the watchful eye of casino surveillance in any way times, he utilized his fancy disguises to fool everybody. Between April and May of this past year, ” he walked off with roughly $98,840, with donned a whole prosthetic mask, hats, glasses and other components to pay his face.

On one specific occasion, he ran a total of 15 trades to draw $30,000 in 30 minutes) But, security employees became somewhat suspicious and finally begun to place the pieces together. Based on FBI Special Agent Julia MacBeth, surveillance footage helped unravel the puzzle and revealed just how Colletti”would consider a sheet of paper, probably containing the sufferers final four digits of their patron’s Social Security Number and the final four digits of their patron’s phone, that had been needed to finish the trades” every time that he approached a kiosk.

From the time Colletti had been recognized, the FBI needed to determine where he had been. It did not take very long to follow along the path and that he was finally picked up from Prairie Band Potawatomi Tribal Police in the Prairie Band Casino and Resort at Mayetta, Kansas. The analysis that followed the discovery of a storage device that he leased that comprised mannequin heads sporting the prosthetic masks, so countless receipts in the MGM Grand and 48 bogus driver’s permits. He’s allegedly been extradited to Michigan and is currently being held behind bars, without a bond potential.

It can not be only a pity that his escapades comprised the MGM Grand. While there hasn’t been a formal link created, the casino owner, MGM Resorts, has been hacked and more than ten million clients had their information stolen. MGM attempted, initially, to deny that the hack had happened, however, finally came blank .